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Find The Ceremony That Would Best Suit You

If you are having trouble choosing the ceremony that would best fit you, allow us here at Nickel City Nuptials to help. Read all about the different types of wedding ceremonies we can arrange for you and your partner. We offer our services to clients in Greater Sudbury and surrounding area.  Other locations can be arranged for your convenience. Call us today for booking information.


Ceremony Types

There are different kinds of wedding ceremonies performed in the world. Here are some basic categories:

Non-Denominational Religious Ceremony 

This type of ceremony modernizes religious liturgies or symbols. This usually takes place in non-consecrated locations. There are some couples that utilize elements from different traditions in one ceremony or even have friends and family members assist with officiating. This is also defined as a ceremony performed outside the faiths of the cultural and political mainstream. 


Spiritual But Not Religious Weddings 

During the turn of the century, the number of people who hold spiritual beliefs but are not affiliated with any religion has sharply risen. They often define themselves as spiritual because their faith does not rely or follow the traditional doctrines of a certain religion. In most cases, couples who choose this type of ceremony take content from the wisdom traditions and philosophical texts that influenced their personal beliefs. 

Elopement Ceremony

This type of ceremony is done with few to no guests in attendance. A couple may choose this if they wish to do their vows in private. This is done to enjoy a stress-free and romantic private ceremony. In some cases, this is done before a larger public or destination wedding. 

Commitment Ceremony

This is a non-legally binding ceremony that is meant to express and confirm love and faithfulness between two people who cannot or do not wish to legally marry. This ceremony has no set format or requirements.

Renewal of Vows

This is a type of ceremony for already-married couples who wish to reaffirm their love and commitment. A renewal of vows may re-enact a couple’s original wedding ceremony or incorporate new content. Oftentimes, they honour the next phase of the marriage. Some couples renew their vows on each anniversary or to recognize significant milestones in their relationship.

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